Reading Writings

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Reading Writings is a collection of short stories, poems and personal reflections about Reading, England.

This e-zine explores ideas of home and home-sickness from the perspective of an outsider attempting to build a home. It is a warts-and-all account of the first few years learning to live in and love Reading – a growing, unique and little-discussed town between London and the rest of the country.

Reading Writings was created as part of the Manual Writing remote residency, 2020, organised by Mods Collective, Leipzig.

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Today, swans hum and echo as they fly low across the green-brown Thames.

Canal boats plod along with little care for time.

Children dive from bridges into the water littered with hundred-year-old bicycles and rusted shopping trolleys.

And not far downstream, the Thames becomes a raging grey torrent a quarter of a mile wide.