About James Rudd

Who are you?

My name’s James and I’m a writer originally from the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, but now living and working in South East England. I’m still getting used to the rain … 

What’s your background?

I left the University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Media and a Bachelor of Arts (English and Creative Writing), and a dream of stringing sentences together for a living. So far, it’s working out pretty well!

Really? That’s good to hear. Tell me more …

It’d be my pleasure. I’ve been lucky enough to have had some great experience across a wide variety of roles and sectors.

As a copywriter and content marketer, I have translated some of the most complex and (let’s be honest) dry topics into readable, engaging and customer-winning marketing materials. I’ve helped organisations win millions of pounds worth of business through the power of copy.

Whenever I put on my freelance writer cap, I am on the lookout for interesting angles and the most exciting stories that can really drive traffic to publications. I love writing on art, current events, politics, food and the contemporary media landscape. I’ve shared a number of examples of this work in the portfolio section of this website!

My creative writing and criticism has been published widely in magazines, journals and online publications such as Voiceworks, Broadsheet, Atlas Obscura and Glam Adelaide, as well as On Dit (University of Adelaide), Hum (Adelaide Uni Writers’ Group), Radio Adelaide and cool, punky zines around the world.

I’ve also produced millions of words for global organisations, including Revere, Accolade Wines, Huntswood and The University of Adelaide, and participated in residencies provided by Writers SA and Can Serrat.

Certainly sounds like you’re keeping busy.

I wouldn’t want it any other way! In fact, if your business needs some sentences strung together (with care, skill, accuracy and speed), then get in touch.