About JWRR

I am a content marketer and creative writer working in the South-East of England. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Media and another in Arts (English and Creative Writing) from the University of Adelaide, South Australia.

As a freelance journalist and content writer, I produce informative and “audience-first” texts that resonate across online and real-life social spaces. In the portfolio section of this website you will find many examples of this work, including ghost-written corporate blogs, arts and events reporting, business profiles and culture features. I love the challenge of distilling the complexities of the art world, current events, politics and the contemporary media landscape into beautiful, bite-sized paragraphs.

My creative writing and criticism has been published widely in magazines, journals and online publications such as Voiceworks, Broadsheet, Atlas Obscura and Glam Adelaide as well in On Dit (University of Adelaide), Hum (Adelaide Uni Writers’ Group), Radio Adelaide and Vaein Zine. I have also produced millions of words for globabl organisations, including Accolade Wines, Huntswood and The University of Adelaide, and participated in residencies provided by SA Writers Centre and Can Serrat.


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